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Royal Wings (RW, Arabic: الأجنحة الملكية‎) was a Royal Jordanian Group Company and the charter arm of Royal Jordanian, was an airline based in Amman, Jordan. Its main base was at Queen Alia International Airport (AMM), Amman with a hubs also at Amman Civil Airport (ADJ) and King Hussein International Airport (AQJ).

In 2017, one of its passengers shared his travelling story with these words, "We were scheduled to fly on Saturday 2 December at 6 am from Aqaba but the evening before 20:00 was sent an email that the flight was canceled and redirected to Sunday 3 December. In the mail, I was asked to contact a person who would help with hotel accommodation the next day. I called the specified phone number but it was closed on the day. That day, all hotels in Aqaba were fully booked due to the visit of several countries, so I could not book myself again. The day after the Sunday we were flying we see that the flight goes to Copenhagen !!!! and then to Stockholm. We were checked in and sat on the plane that would fly at 6 but flew first at 8. We received 2 messages at 7 and 7.50 on havy flying in this area. During the 2 hours we sat on the flight without water or food or some service from airline personnel. The staff sat on the first line as assigned to higher grade and talked about their own problems-absolutely no interest for passengers. I asked for a pillow and a blanket that I had to take from the flight staff without packaging. In the end they started food sales where a cheese bag would cost 10 USD !!!! No hot food on a long flight was available to buy either, which might be a good idea for the cheesecake price for a cheese mash, flight food would cost like the first lobster catch! No cleaning in the airline but the staff went regularly with a bottle of air fresh air with a strong scent spray. Unfortunately, I got the seat on the first line but was relocated to line 2 with the explanation that this first line is meant for the STAFF! I moved to line 2 and had sleeping staff in my knees then they lowered the seat back without caring for a passenger who was behind !!!! Almost got a seat back on face a couple of times. Anyway, the trip at the time of booking would take 5 hours, but in fact, 10 took, then pilots had trouble about 40 minutes with landing in Denmark due to the heavy clouds and we stayed extra 40 minutes in Copenhagen as well. It was the first time I flew with Royal Wings and it's going to be my last. I also want to add that the planet was old and tired but on the way to Aqaba they had a new airplane with good space even in economy class (obs buisness can not be booked"


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Dilan Yüksel says

"They have really bad service and they are way too disrespectful. I was there 2 years ago and another tourist stole my flip flops. Disgusting but true. Then a woman from customer relations took their side because they came with a tour group. In order to keep the relations good with the tour company. They didn't compensate our loss and they said ooh there is no camera in the pool so we can not know. Where as the guy who stole my flip flop told me that he did it because I used the umbrella between me and him. When I customer relations about this they said we ll look at it again and for the rest of the days we were there they just escaped from us. And this other aggressive family kept bullying us. They also fought with another family from germany and there was another family from turkey that they were really irritated since this aggressive ones were using their kids air boat as if it was theirs !!!! And customer relation in the hotel was just ignoring them. So they very low profile of customers. Never go there. This year we went to Seginus hotel just near this hotel and it was much better , all staff was very smiley and responsible"

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